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From Surviving to Thriving

Prevent Crises • Reduce Burnout • Decrease Turnover

Being a Pastor is Hard


leave ministry every month


 will leave ministry before they retire


feel that ministry negatively impacts their families


are contemplating resignation

Let our mental health professionals augment your existing pastoral care system

Our Services

Well-Being Checkup

Designed by our psychologist in conjunction with pastors, the Well-Being Checkup is designed to look at more than 30 facets of well-being. It assesses physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and occupational well-being and provides you with practical recommendations on how to improve your life. Upon completion you will immediately receive a 25+ page report with your results.

Counseling Referrals

We base our counseling referrals on the well-being evaluation. This allows us to match the pastor with a qualified mental health professional who is specifically equipped to address the pastor's needs. We pride ourselves on facilitating top quality referrals and will not stop until a pastor is matched to a counselor that works for them. 

Crisis Intervention

As mental health professionals, we know that crises can be complicated, and it can be difficult to know the best way to respond. We have the training and assessment resources to help you make more educated decisions and to help the pastor in the way that will most benefit them. 


Let us help you make more educated decisions about who you ordain. We assess and coach candidates to help them prepare for the demands of ministry, all while keeping you informed of their progress. We can replace or augment existing psychological evaluations with cutting edge assessments that come out of our research with pastors. We also provide coaching to help candidates improve

Mental Health Evaluations

Our experienced team of clinical professionals has the tools to assess and address any mental health issue. We can provide pastors with detailed information about their mental health and connect them with whatever help they may need.

Marriage Evaluations

Using the best tools available, we offer comprehensive marriage evaluations, giving pastors a detailed look at their marriage's strengths and challenges. We work with both spouses and provide specific recommendations for improvement.

Organizational Consulting

Using the aggregated data from the well-being evaluation, we can help you make educated decisions on how to best improve the well-being of your pastors. It will also give you the ability to track the impact of the changes you make. 

Leadership Development

Using 360-Feedback we can help your leaders identify their strengths and areas in need of improvement. We can use these tools to identify future leaders and coach current leaders.

Public Speaking

Let us teach your pastors how to improve their well-being. We can speak to your pastors about many common concerns such as burnout, spiritual well-being, self-esteem, emotion regulation, marriage enrichment and more. 

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